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Advanced Optical Diagnostics

Velocity Field Measurements on High-Frequency, Supersonic Microactuators

The Resonance-Enhanced Microjet (REM) actuator which was developed at our laboratory is a fluidic-based device that produces pulsed, supersonic microjets by utilizing a number of microscale, flow-acoustic resonance phenomena. The microactuator used in this study consists of an underexpanded source jet that flows into a cylindrical cavity with a single, 1 mm-diameter exhaust orifice through which an unsteady, supersonic jet issues at a resonant frequency of 7 kHz. The flowfields of a 1 mm underexpanded free jet and the microactuator are studied in detail using highmagnification, phase-locked flow visualizations (microschlieren) and 2-component particle image velocimetry. These are the first direct measurements of the velocity fields produced by such actuators. Comparisons are made between the flow visualizations and the velocity field measurements. The results clearly show that the microactuator produces pulsed, supersonic jets with velocities exceeding 400 m/s for roughly 60 % of their cycles. With high unsteady momentum output, this type of microactuator has potential in a range of flow control applications.

Validation Case: NPR = 5.8 Under-Expanded Free Jet

Phase Averaged Streamwise Velocity Contours of a Resonace Enhanced Microjet (REM) Actuator

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