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                                                                                                                                            â€”Albert Einstein

Flow Diagnostics

One of the notable contributions of this laboratory is the development of Particle Image Velocimetry, which measures the synoptic velocity field in selected planes of a flow. The technique is routinely used to produce two-dimensional velocity maps of low speed subsonic and high speed supersonic flows sand is currently being extended to:

Each test facility at FMRL is equipped with extensive state-of-the-art optical diagnostics. Some of the primary hardware includes 4 Nd:Yag pulsed lasers, 5W and 15W Argon-Ion CW lasers and several low power He:Neon lasers. Digital Image Processing facilities include two IBM RISC 6000 stations and several microcomputers. As a by-product a technique has also been developed to measure instantaneous density fields using the correlation of electronically recorded laser speckles