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                                                                                                                                            â€”Albert Einstein

Malcolm Harmon

Supersonic Impinging Jet Flows

Analysis of two parallel impinging jets to a normal plane is vital to the progression of short takeoffs and vertical landings. STOVL aircrafts have one subsonic lift fan and one supersonic exhaust jet that is used to lift or hover the aircraft above the ground. Both lift fan and exhaust jet are parallel to one another. The interaction between the lift fan and the exhaust jet needs to be observed during these analysis. The outwash from both jets caused by the impinging ground plane can create personnel hazards surrounding the aircraft during shipboard operations. This outwash effect causes a drag forces that will be difficult to overcome based on the strength needed to operate during takeoff and landing of such aircrafts. The techniques used for this investigation includes, but is not limited to, schlieren/shadowgraph flow visualization, near-field and far-field acoustic measurements, and unsteady pressure measurements on a flat surface. Using sub-scaled models, this analysis to the flow-field of these two jets on a ground-plane will provide an understanding in way for noise reduction, drag reduction as well as other forms of flow control.