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Jonathan McNally

Microjets as an active flow control device

Research is focused on the application of microjets as an active flow control device for use in automotive applications. Proven as a novel flow control technique in prior applications, much of the research focuses on experimentally characterizing the global effects that microjets have on fast and square-back automobile styles. Microjet arrays are implemented in strategically placed locations to target key flow structures in the flow field in an effort to study their effect on the aerodynamic forces as well as the topology of the flow on the aft portion of the model. Relationships between the size, shape, and strength of the flow structures are correlated to the resulting aerodynamic properties of the model. Results show that for the model tested, the control is capable of producing large changes to the baseline flow structure; reducing automotive drag by up to 14%. This also results in reducing the power requirement of the automobile by 12%.

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