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                                                                                                                                            â€”Albert Einstein

Joe Craft

Induced flow control of oblique supersonic impinging jets

The unsteady flow field of high velocity and high temperature impinging jets is commonly encountered in aircraft and rocket applications. The flow field produced is characterized by an acoustic feedback loop with distinct tones and elevated broadband noise. The application of high-momentum microjets (flow control) injected into the nozzle exit has shown to reduce pressure fluctuations in terms of overall sound pressure levels and distinct impinging tones.

The current experiments here in the High-Temperature Jet (HotJet) Facility aim to further characterize the properties of the oblique supersonic impinging jet and to further investigate the effects of flow control. The results on oblique impingement are specifically relevant to the takeoff and landing of STOL aircraft and rocket launches. With the capability of running high temperature experiments in the HotJet facility, the results will give a more realistic representation of the aeroacoustic properties and the effects of flow control.