Low Speed Wind Tunnel

The Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion (FCAAP) at the Florida State University is the future home to a low speed wind tunnel that will generate high-fidelity aerodynamic data and develop flow diagnostics for complex flowfields. This facility will have a 30-in wide x 30-in high x 60-in long test section and cover a speed range of 2 to 70 m/s. The wind tunnel will be equipped with a 3-axis motorized traverse for acquiring traditional ‘probe-type’ measurements such as hot wire and pressure probes. This traverse will also be used for acquiring images when used as a camera support. The wind tunnel will have maximum optical access of the test section allowing the development of cutting-edge optical diagnostics. The facility will be easily reconfigurable allowing it to be used for a wide variety of test requirements, and will have high flow quality by minimizing test section noise and flow angularity.

Performance Characteristics

  • Speed Range of 2-70 m/s
  • High Flow Quality
    • Turbulence Intensity (≤0.1% Transonic – Streamwise & Cross)
    • Max Flow Angularity (≤0.2 DEG on the Centerline)
    • Standard Deviation in Freestream Velocity (≤0.5% Excluding Boundary Layer)

Flow Visualization and Measurement Techniques

  • 6 Component Force and Moment Measurements
  • Steady and Unsteady Pressure Distributions
  • Surface Oil Flow Visualization
  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  • Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF)
  • Half Model Testing

Flow Visualization and Measurement Techniques

  • Model Support System
  • 3-Axis Measurement Traverse
    • Probe Access to Entire Test Section During Run.
    • Optical Access of Entire Test Section for Camera Mounting.